Music Test

2010-10-12 16:20

Today I had a music test. The test was to sing in a group.
I was absent when the teacher gave us the assignment, so my friends put me in his group, he told me via text message. He said he was going to find another girl student in my class to be one of our group's member. I was unaware at that time, and said 'OK' to him.

The next day, they asked me what songs should we sing. I was really surprised when they told me they DID NOT find any girl to join us. So, I was the only girl in the group.
Our group consists of 6 members, 5 boys and 1 girl (which is me).
To make things worse, we didn't pass the the singing test, we got 0, and we had to do a make-up test. Seriously, it was crazy DX

We were really shocked. Then, still in the shock stage, we practiced almost everyday, although 2 of us didn't practice. One of those 2 was sick, so he was absent for like, 3 days maybe? And the other one, well he was just lazy I think.
After a week full of practicing, in hope of not getting 0 again, me and my group were ready to do the test again.
All of us sang 4 songs, and it was kinda smooth :D
BUT, there was only one problem, the lazy guy I mentioned above didn't sing (or should I say, he was faking). He opened his mouth, sang 2 or 3 words, and then babbling around =____=

Seriously, I feel like punching him after the test was over. I didn't do it though, as I know I might get in trouble if I did.

Anyway, we managed to get good scores, so I'll let that guy pass for this time >D


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