Tomorrow is My Birthday

2010-05-19 20:01

Actually, I'm so nervous right now because tomorrow...

I'm going to turn 17!

OMG! The time's flowing is really fast like a jetplane, and I'm feeling like being forced to follow it's flows. LOL.
To tell you the truth, I miss my childhood. Those funny moments with friends without having to think about what do you want to do or how am I supposed to finish this assignment or that assignment... Don't you miss your childhood too? If I could turn back the time, I would surely do it.

Well, there's nothing I could do about the time, that's why I'm going to enjoy this 17, because it only happens once. Pray for me guys! Hope that I will have a colorful 17 like people usually says, "The Sweet Seventeen" :D

I'll try to write again tomorrow~


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