The New Beginning

2010-01-06 22:12

My school has started. To be honest, I need more holiday. You know, I'm not really good at managing times, so I spent my holiday with nothing to do and it feels like my holiday was end before I realise it. When I asked my mom to do some tour, she was disagree and said a tour will cost a lot of money that we couldn't afford for now. Okay, I know I was being greedy at that time, I wanted a Europe tour and I know it'll cost us a lot of money. But, I really want to go to Europe. I hope someday I can go to Europe with my family to witness the beauty of Europe with our own eyes.

So, I spent the rest of my holiday with some games. I'm glad I bought a PSP a few months ago. It really helped me to kill my boredom. Anyway, my mom has asked me to attend an English course. And I'm so excited about that.

I also did some drawing but I'm not really satisfied with the results 'A'


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