Exams Finisheeeed

2009-06-21 23:41

my nightmares already gone! X3
i got my freedom back.

i've been so inactive here because of the exams.

by the way, i bought some new Copic Sketch Markers.
they're great and awesome, but they're expensive T^T
i wonder if they are much cheaper in Japan, since i bought them in Indonesia.
i can't buy them through the internet since my mom doesn't let me to buy anything from the internet.
i bought 5 of them for the first time when i was in 7th grade.
my first impressions were:

- hard to use
- smelly
- they're good for unwanted bleeding
- expensive
- etc.

i'm started to get used to Copic. but, i'm still unskilled.
i need more practice. and i really hope they would get cheaper.


  1. Momoko | URL | JWYgKVko

    Hello Zara!
    Glad you are back to your blog!
    I like this template very much^^
    I cannot give you any advice on markers, but if it is made in Japan, I assume you can get it cheaper in Japan???
    I just remember. Though I do not read Manga nor watch Anime, I used to watch "Detective Conan" when I was in Japan. Do you know that?
    Enjoy your freedom!!

  2. Zara | URL | -

    Hi Momoko,
    glad you like this template~ hehe =D
    yup. that markers i mentioned above were made in Japan.
    i know Detective Conan. it's really popular in Indonesia too =)
    thanks. i will enjoy my freedom for sure =)

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