For the Love of Frills...

2014-07-20 08:38

I've been drawing frills non-stop. ...And roses.
Mother of frills, why did I have to do this OTL

I can't even--- There are more designs with frills than what this screenshot displays. Believe me. My eyes are full of frills right now. I hope I can finish them off by Wednesday...


Life Update I Guess

2014-07-16 23:17

So yeah, long time now see everyone!
I was really busy these past few months. And I still am, at some degree.

Anyway, I got lots of things I'd like to write but I don't know where to start.
From new merchandises, to new drawings, which one should I write about first...

By the way, I decided to start selling things at Comifuro 4 this year. And selling some things at AFA too, hopefully!
For now the designs are still in the making.

I'll be posting the wips later. Goodbye for now!