2012 Almost Over

2012-12-31 13:13

Time passes like a jetplane. This is the last day of 2012. So many things happened this year, both good and bad. Looking back, I have certain things that I'd like to get again *coughlongholidaycough*.

By the way, I finished Tales of Graces f last Saturday, currently playing the epilogue. But I feel like playing Atelier Rorona instead of continuing...

Random Doodle

2012-12-12 23:21

I drew this before I sleep.
I'm sleepy, okay? Hence the sleepy expression here ahaha.


And so... It's Over

2012-12-10 23:31

TinierMe has closed.

And I let it buried my selfy in my favorite clothes coordination:


I added a cage, a black halo, and a broken wing.
It's the end of TinierMe anyway.

I guess it's time to say goodbye to TinierMe...

Goodbye Tinierme, thank you for being with me for the past 3 years.

Will Fanart

2012-12-04 22:23

I was bored so I drew Will from HM Sunshine Islands.
Currently addicted to that game

Weird anatomy I know, but I'm too sleepy to fix it ahaha.
I'm so sorry