First Ever Ib Fanart!

2012-10-25 15:03

I've been playing Ib.
I'm so late...
Didn't have time to play before.

Anyway, I tried to draw it in painting style.
...Just realized that it's almost in the same angle as my BJD drawing (refer to old post).

Click the drawing for better view!


Halloween Selfy

2012-10-24 14:10

I dressed my selfy as a witch for this Halloween.


The next time I'll dress her up maybe after Halloween ends.
I'd like to draw her first.
Hope assignments will not get in my way.

Because I don't have BJD...

2012-10-18 23:52

... I drew it by myself.


I need to be patient until the day I can buy my own BJD.
So for now, I shall draw as many BJD as I want.
And do my assignments later.

Well... Fail

2012-10-17 15:32

I tried drawing on Photoshop...
Without planning on what to draw and without sketching.

The result?