Favorite TM SELFY Coordination

2012-05-31 13:46

I've been addicted to TinierMe for a long time now.
After experimenting with my items and trading like crazy, I now have some of my favorite items coordination.

Before I show you the pics, I must say that I treat my SELFY like an original character. Laugh if you want~

Onto the main point. (Click for bigger Version)


I call this coordination "Primrose", and she's a traveler. She's my most favorite coordination. Her signatures are her blue eyes and long black hair. I sometimes turn her into a maid, an alchemist, basically anything, and still cal her "Primrose" as long as my SELFY wears "Akuno Meshitukai Eyes" and black hair (can be anything as long as it's black and has the same coloring/artwork style, since TM items have so many variation in its item coloring/artwork style). Her signature hair is "Mirror Doll Waves Black".

Next is the male version of Primrose.


Basically, he's just a reverse of Primrose. Anything is just the same, only has different gender. Primrose and male Primrose is like a mirror. They're not lovers~

For now, that's all. I may post more SELFY coordinates later in future.
Gosh, I love TinierMe so much XD

Selfy Doodle

2012-05-21 22:14

I drew my selfy on TinierMe. Because I love penguins



Art that I made:


What do you think? It's messy I know. Well, what do you expect from a doodle I made in just 15 minutes anyway? *shot*
I'll do my best next time.

Thank you for reading!

Okay, I'm Now 19

2012-05-20 22:27

As promised before, I write an entry today.
Well, not too many things happened today, despite it's my birthday.
I got some nice things from my sis as gifts though. Might photograph them later and upload it here.

Last but not least,

Happy birthday to me! *shotdead*

Tomorrow is...

2012-05-19 19:03

My Birthday

Oh God... I'm going to turn 19! 19!!!
How can you believe that!
I was still 15 when I started this blog...
Time sure flies so fast.

Anyway, I'll try to write an entry too tomorrow.
And write more entries in general. I've been neglecting this blog too long.
That I'm starting to miss blogging.