It's Tough...

2012-01-10 14:20

...being an art student.
I mean, those guys in my class. THEY ARE GENIUSES.
I don't want to sound too depressed or anything, but... that feeling.
That feeling of inferiority is terrible. I know I shouldn't worry too much about being left. Still, I feel like I could improve more. Or should I say, I NEED to improve!

In Love with My PS3

2012-01-08 21:52

You know, I got a PS3 last Saturday 31/12/2011 (lol I know, new year's eve).
After a year full of begging my mom to buy me one since early of last year, I finally got it. It's red, and has 320GB HDD. I also got Soul Calibur IV and Split/Second for free with my purchase (yay for free stuffs!).


That said, I bought two more games which is Eternal Sonata and FF 13. Then, bought some more online from NIS America online store. I was worried my games would be lost somewhere because it was my first time purchasing things online, but thank God they have arrived safely.


Now, my only concern is how to play those games with these assignments *slaps*
Nevertheless, I could say that I'm sooo happy that I've gone to Lala-land~

College Life is NOT Easy at All!

2012-01-04 22:30

It's me, Kisekiss. The last time I wrote on this blog was errr... 6 months ago? Anyway, to keep things short, I'm now a college student.

Majoring in Animation. Yes. You read it right. Animation.

At first my parents didn't agree with my decision. But now they support me :D

You know, I was happy to know that I don't need to study maths anymore.
But to my horror, I got tons of assignments given to me ;A;
I slept late doing those assignments every week.
I now value sleeps more than before haha.