WIP - Alice

2010-02-28 11:08


Here's the WIP of my Alice in Wonderland fanart.
Haven't finished it yet. ROFL.

I need more holidaaaayyyy. Seriously DX

Can't Say That I'm Fine

2010-02-20 14:55

I slept on 10.30 P.M. on Thursday night. I did my Geography project all alone when it's supposed to be a group project. It wasn't really hard, but tiring. Come to think of it, I will graduate from high school like, err... 1 year again. And I don't know where I should continue my study. I really want to study abroad, if possible I want to continue my study in France, England, or Japan. But, I can't really choose. ROFL. Do you have any suggestion?

I Miss TOA

2010-02-16 15:35

I've finished this game in February 2007. This game means a lot to me.


I bought the disc for the first time in 2006, I played it once. Then, when I tried to play it again, the disc was broken so I bought a new one.
Tales of the Abyss is the first game that could make me feel sad, angry, and happy. I almost cried when Ion died. LOL.

I love how the story is flowing. The characters are well-drawn and they were really developed. The musics are awesome. For me, they did a good job at the graphics.

I hope Bandai Namco will make a sequel for this game.
I've watched the anime version, and it was amazing!
I'd also love to read the manga version too, but it's in Japanese and I can't read Japanese except for the Hiragana and Katakana :D

By the way, I do love all characters in TOA, but if you ask me who my favourite character is, I would say: JADEEEEE
LOL. I love the handsome-necromancer Jade XDDD
FYI, Luke and Tear has been my favourite couple in TOA.

Gosh, I miss this game so much TAT

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Valentine and My Fave Actress

2010-02-14 18:28

Today is the Valentine Day.
The day where you could spread love to your BF/GF, families, and friends.
But, I don't really care about it though, as I don't have a boyfriend. LOL.
I know that Valentine--for most people, means giving chocolate or rose to the beloved ones, but I prefer a cheesecake than a chocolate :3

Okay, now it doesn't has anything to do with the Valentine day, but it has anything to do with love. ROFL.

Take a look at her


She's my favourite actress of all time, Cate Blanchett
I love her XD
She got a nice hair and she's really beautiful.
I watched her movie titled Elizabeth: The Golden Age last year on TV and I watched only 20 minutes before the movie ended, but I was like, GOD! This woman is amazing!
Right after I watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age, I wanted to be a queen. LOL. I know it was crazy but her acting was so flawless and stunning. I'm amazed by how she acted as a queen. It was a very total acting, I should say. She moved and talked like a queen. And her facial expressions were really queen-ish too XD

I've watched 6 of her movies and all of them are great.
Can't wait to see her in her next movie~

I want to meet her so much XD
A signed picture will make me very happy too.
So, Cate, Uhmmm-- if you read this, I'm your biggest fan! XD

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