Art Blog

2009-06-23 22:10

Guten Morgen, everyone! XD
i made a new blog.
i will use this new blog to upload my artworks.
but, i think i'm gonna shut it down because i already have this blog :)

birthday report! ahaha

2009-06-22 14:59

okay, i know i'm late but...
i jut want to write something about my birthday. my birthday is on May 20th (that's why i said it's late to write something about my birthday).

my birthday was really fun.
although i didn't get a lot of presents, but it's still great! X3

my mom bought me Sony Ericsson W705 as a present.
and my grandma bought a Nintendo Wii for me and my lil sis.
great enough for me. i couldn't ask for anything better. ahah... =)
well, that's all i can write about my birthday, and sorry for my lame english =D

Exams Finisheeeed

2009-06-21 23:41

my nightmares already gone! X3
i got my freedom back.

i've been so inactive here because of the exams.

by the way, i bought some new Copic Sketch Markers.
they're great and awesome, but they're expensive T^T
i wonder if they are much cheaper in Japan, since i bought them in Indonesia.
i can't buy them through the internet since my mom doesn't let me to buy anything from the internet.
i bought 5 of them for the first time when i was in 7th grade.
my first impressions were:

- hard to use
- smelly
- they're good for unwanted bleeding
- expensive
- etc.

i'm started to get used to Copic. but, i'm still unskilled.
i need more practice. and i really hope they would get cheaper.