my newest artwork (again)

2009-04-22 22:14

well, i'm on a holiday now.
only a 1 week holiday, though XD

and i spent most of my time drawing a new comic.
the title is: PEACH

haha... XD
i'm too lazy to think on other name~

so, here's the main character

PEACH no. 1

my newest artwork

2009-04-20 08:47

please take a look at this pic~

ruiru-zaras artwork-resize

that pic above was made by me yesterday.
she's my OC that i made around 2 years ago.
and now, when i draw her again, she looks a bit... weird.
haha... ^^;

time taken: around 3 hours (coluring) + 1 hour (line art, sketch)

tools used: soft pastel, copic sketch marker, pencil colour, unipin 0.05, fude-pen, sakura opaque white


2009-04-17 12:45

yesterday, at school, i asked carol to make a love-shaped hands together XD


this is fun.
i should try making a bird-shaped and a rabbit-shaped hands too~

internet unlimited~

2009-04-09 10:18

yeah, finally my internet is unlimited.
but, the transfer rate isn't as fast as before *sad*

from 100 mbps into 384 kbps...

guess i should be more patient when opening sites then TT^TT

comic strip~

2009-04-06 18:44

haha... i made this pic about an hour ago XD
can you guess what the story is?? X3

comic strip

i don't have enough time to ink this pic, and i didn't use the ruler. ohohoho...

poor that girl~ XD


2009-04-06 10:02

karen  lemon
this oekaki was made by me using SAI.

i like making oekaki, since i'm kinda lazy to go and pick my G-pen, maru-pen, blablabla up and then use them...

from left to right: karen, lemon

they're my OCs from my newest manga XD

a request from ava-chan

2009-04-05 11:56

ava-chan requested something to me.

ava-chan: kisekiss, can you make me a pic?
me: of course.
ava-chan: thank you, please make me a pic of a girl with black hair and blue eyes.
me: oh, ok~

and, this is the result:

garde of hope -for ava-

i thought she won't like it, but
i'm glad she likes it~ XDD

i hate this doodle!

2009-04-01 22:01

look at this artwork.
isn't in bad? X(
i hate it!
it's soooo badd!!!!! XO

gray doodle

done with SAI.
but, i don't like it. really.

what a boring day

2009-04-01 14:03

today is so... boring =_=

my english teacher is a killer one, and she ruined my precious morning successfully.
she started her lessons and she looked so angry.
i don't know why. maybe she got PMS or something.
but that bothers me so much =_="
why don't she acts more cheerful when teaching?
i hate her lessons, even though english is my favourite subject.

and my economy teacher ruined my day too.
she made me bored with her lessons...
i don't understand all of formulas that she taught me (sorry ma'am).

i got manga deadline and i must finish my genkou as soon as possible.
if not, maybe A-san and H-senpai will kill me! X(

anyone wants to help me to finish my manga? =D
haha... joke~