My New Hamsters

2011-06-21 22:16

Hello all! It seems I've abandoned this blog for about a year... or so.
Anyway, I'm now 18 and I've graduated from senior high school! And I also got two new hamsters which I'd like to introduce to you guys today.

Please welcome...


Soda, a female, 5 weeks old, Winter White hamster. A calm and shy, but energetic hamster. She could climb to the second level of their cage without using the ladder. She's also a picky eater. Loves corn and cheese.

And her boss ahem, I mean friend,


Champagne, a male, 5 weeks old, also Winter White hamster. He actually is my sister's hamster but the introduction won't be complete without him. He's so bossy and loves to dominate the foods. He loves sleeping and eating. A lazy hamster, that's why he became so fat.

Those were the photos taken by my sister when they were 3 weeks old. They are now bigger and healthier than before :)